Welcome to Kreepy Krauly Parts – here you will find everything you need to know about operating and maintaining Pentair’s top notch automatic pool cleaner.

Always make sure to only use original Kreepy Krauly parts to remain full functionality. With only one moving part, the suction-side device is made for depenable,long enduring service. But nothing is made to last forever and even the best pool cleaner needs some replacement parts.

How does the Kreepy Krauly Work?

Basically the vacuum pool cleaner is attached to the suction-side of your pump. It comes with a 40 feet hose, which should be enough, even for bigger pools.
The waterflow causes the flapper (the only moving part!) to move and gently suck all the dirt, sand and even leaves right in, delivering them straight to your pool filter.
The speed of the cleaner is controlled by the integrated regulator valve, which automatically adjusts the water flow.

If your pool pump is extremely powerful and you feel like the Kreepy Krauly is moving a little too fast, you may install a manual bypass valve (Part #K12094) to achieve the optimum speed of 8-12 feet per minute. You can find this and many other (replacement) parts in the links provided here on Kreepy Krauly Parts.

Don’t have a Kreepy Krauly yet?

If you don’t have one yet, but thought about buiying one, be assured that it is one of the best fully automatic pool cleaners available in 2011. For a very detailed Kreepy Krauly review, feel free to have a look at my review – it covers many aspects of what exactly makes it stand out above the rest. I added a handful of other customer reviews as well to make sure I dont sound too biased.  But then again – It simply is one of the fastest and most reliable pool cleaners you can get your hands on.

If you need a basic troubleshooting guide, consider having a look at the original user manual or check out my troubleshooting tips with valuable instructions.