Kreepy Krauly Review

Welcome to my review of the Kreepy Krawly by Pentair.
Four years ago we finally managed to have a inground pool installed in our backyard. It’s made of concrete and the dimensions are roughly 18 x 32 feet.
Me and my family had an amazing summer holiday at home and my wife and I were having a hard time getting my kids (and our irish setter Rocky) out of the pool for dinner.

After a few weeks of manual cleansing and “fishing for leaves” we decided to make life a little easier for ourselves and searched online for a automatic pool cleaner.
Overwhelmed by the inredible choice we realised, that we had to figure out what type of pool cleaner we wanted. So I looked up the various types – namely return-side or suction-side driven, as well as so called robotic and electronic models.

It didn’t take too long until I figured that a suction-side driven one would fit our needs best. A few models had popped up during my initial research already, so I decided to read some customer reviews and a few “professional” ones. That’s when I first read about the Kreepy Krauly.

Even back then, at $369 the price was very competitive and a no brainer, especially compared to other models in the $1k range. Along with the Kreepy Krauly we ordered 2 additional wing sets at $20 each as recommended by a few other owners. And it was indeed the first part we had to replace after 2 years of service. Other than that there was no further investment necessary so far even though it’s the fourth year now.

Assembling and installing the Kreepy Krauly was very easy and quick to do. There were absolutely no additional tools required – it was a simple “click and snap” process and done within a few minutes. Awesome! Installation in the skimmer was easy as well and after a total of maybe 15-20 minutes – from unpacking our new automatic pool cleaner to installation – we were ready to give it a go :)

To give “Krauly” a decent job right from the start, we didn’t clean the pool for a little over a week – so there was some sand and dirt visible on the ground and a bit of grass as well. You just cant tell the kids often enough to clean their feet before they jump in – well … =)
At first it was going more like “in circles” towards the right end of the pool, but after we adjusted the weights that came with it, the Kreepy Krauly seemed to do an excellent job.

And honestly – it was fun to watch for all of us! =)

After just a little over an hour the pool was almost entirely clean and there were only a few spots left – while other areas had been swiped clean for a second or thrid time already.
Overall I was pretty impressed with our new pool cleaner and we were able to cut back on the manual cleaning to only 3 times in one summer, which is simply awesome. What a huuuge time saver!

I hope you enjoyed reading my Kreepy Krauly review and found what you’ve been looking for. If you have any more question about the pool cleaner, feel free to shoot me an email.